Yes we did it! With a Me to We approach!

It was a long relenting cold winter  in 2014 but in spite of the challenging driving conditions we managed to launch the Creative Art Adventures Club in the middle of winter with 4 families participating. The children came with their parent or their support worker who participated with them throughout the experience, sharing the storytelling, clay modelling, drawing, and painting.
A wonderful volunteer, Lea D. stepped in wherever a helping hand was needed; with registration, setting up the space, or surprising us with a beautiful colorful banner to hang up in the hall.
When the spring finally came, ‘me’ became a ‘we’ as 2 student volunteers joined us, Jasmine and Gabrielle, from Rosseau Lake College, as well as Nicolas from B.M.L.S.S. who assisted with many aspects of setting up the room and providing a gentle pillar of support for the small boys. Hooray we did it!

Portrait-LeaDLea Dooley








Nicolas D. NicolasSettingUp

Jasmine G.









Sensory Challenges faced by Autistic Children By Caroline Butson/TEACHING CHILDREN with AUTISM

Autistic children often have heightened sensitivity to touch, sound, smell and light due mainly to an extremely sensitive metabolism. It is important to be aware of this when trying to teach the autistic child.  The more you can pay attention to their learning environment and make a few adjustments the better.  It is sometimes simple to make a few adjustments and sometimes it requires more effort on your part but it will be well worth your while and make teaching less stressful for you and for your student.

Parents, choose clothing with natural fibres such as cotton, hemp, linen, rayon or any mixture of these fabrics.  In cool conditions choose sweaters and coats made from polar fleece or alpaca wool instead of sheep’s wool which may be scratchy and irritate sensitive skin.  Scarves made with pashmina wool are warmer and softer than acrylic ones and they are inexpensive too.  Comfortable loose-fitting clothing that allows them freedom of movement is important to be aware of too.






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