The Story of the Sacred Tree

Here is this morning’s entry from my teaching journal in which I record the progress of each class.

“I felt uplifted and good about yesterday’s class – ‘Creative Art Adventures’  We all had fun learning and laughed alot as we acted out the ‘Story of the Sacred Tree’ Part 2.  The boys both wanted to be the ‘bad guy’ who tries to cut down the Tree of Life so I gave them both the opportunity by going over it a couple of times.  Evan had a wicked smile on his face as he got his chain saw going and got into the roar of the engine,  meanwhile Trevor waited for his turn trying to contain his excitement.  He was the Golden Eagle perched on top of the Tree ( Megan was the Tree of Life) who later swoops down and grazes the shoulder of the man to try to stop him from cutting down the Sacred Tree.  Madelyne wanted to be a chipmunk and she had fun scurrying around the base of the Tree.  Leela was just about everyone else switching from one to the next,  first the Elders then the Salmon,  then the Racoon, the Deer , the Wolf and finally last but not least the Rabbit.

The second time round Evan narrated the story while Trevor got to be the ‘bad guy’ he got to stamp his boots and show off his new running shoes which flashed their lights each time he stomped.  Madelyne still wanted to be the chipmunk.  Leela became the Sacred Tree while Megan got to be everyone else.  I made a video clip with my iPhone4 and everyone got to watch themselves afterwards which produced  peals of laughter.

We went outdoors and observed the fresh new growth of spring.  The old maple tree has just budding it’s new leaves.   The garden has burst forth this week with all the rain and sunshine we have had”.

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