Creative Art Adventures in Rosseau!

This afternoon we held our first Creative Art Adventures  in Rosseau!   Hooray!  Kim told us about her Great Aunt Elsie who used to live on a farm outside Rosseau -she and Uncle Lloyd used to collect rocks.  We took turns reading  the story called ‘Everybody Needs A Rock’ – Madelyne read out loud for the first time a couple of pages even!  After the story we went outdoors to find our own rock in the garden surrounding the Ruth Dare Clinic.  We also discovered an unusual type of mushroom that looked like a rock.   It was a scorching hot afternoon so we did not stay outside for long.  We got onto the topic of Family Trees and everyone drew their own version of their family tree.  It was a challenge to remember all the names of our grandparents and great grandparents as well as uncles and aunts then we shared our family tree with everyone.   Evan talked more than he has ever in class for about 10 minutes non stop.  He was explaining to us how the water level of Georgian Bay has gone up and down in cycles over the past 11 years of his life and why that is so.  We also talked about building the new Tree of Life Centre and Evan suggested we need blueprints.   Meredith’s son Aiden joined us for The Rabbit Dance when it was time to close.  We all enjoyed being in this beautiful environment and had fun learning.